Direct mail is a powerful medium, especially in the Upstate New York area. Direct mail advertising is an efficient tool when it addresses the right audience with the right frequency and the right message. What makes direct mail unlike any other form of advertising is that it is tangible, trackable and targeted. We like that.

Consumer’s mailboxes are always full. Inspired Global Marketing can help you cut through the clutter and reach your target audience with direct mail messages that are memorable, market-driven and diligently executed. We want to make sure that your message gets delivered to customers who are primed to respond.

When sending direct mail, you want to get noticed in the mailbox. Our excellent creative team will give your direct mail the “pop” it needs to stand out. Whether your business is the new kid on the block or has been around a few times, direct mail advertising is a traditional marketing method that is anything but old and stuffy.

Direct Mail Advertising

It all boils down to results and results we can give you! Our advertising agency creates and produces direct mail programs tailored to clients situations and objectives.

We carefully target prospects with custom-tailored offers or promotional materials. Creating brochures, letters, postcards, high premium impact values, and newsletters.

We consider ourselves to be partners with each of our clients while making sure we see your direct mail campaign become a raging success.

The Power of Direct Mail

Direct mail advertising allows you to communicate information about your product or service and reach almost any target group at low costs. 

You may find direct mail as an effective method for creating awareness and interest in a new product or may find it useful for generating new business outside of your customer base.

Whatever the reason, our agency will help you find the most profitable way to market your products and services to guarantee nothing but success for your business.

A Strategic Process

Direct mail advertising is the most popular direct marketing medium and the results are measurable. The objective is generating responses and building brands and their image.

Our advertising agency has the ability to target a specific group of individuals or cost effectively cover an entire local market, direct mail offers the most efficient method for achieving your objectives.

Direct mail makes visual impressions and the results are campaigns that offer highly effective ways to deliver messages to targeted groups of consumers.

Shouldn’t your marketing feel as authentic as you are?

Request a free growth consultation today and see how we can grow your business in a scalable, measurable way.