Think. Create. Sell. Analyze.

Our multi-disciplinary team applies this 4-part process to every project in every area, every day.

But what does that mean for you? It means that our 4-part process ensures a thorough approach to everything we do on your behalf. Nothing is cookie-cutter or auto-pilot. We are intentional in our approach to the work we do for you because we believe that is what drives success.

1. Think Strategically

This is where the folks at Inspired – individually and collectively – shine. We’re strategic thinkers. We ask a lot of questions and see things others don’t. Looking at an organization or situation from a different viewpoint helps us better see opportunities to strengthen it.

2. Create Purposefully

This is where our ideas take form. We have a passion for all things marketing – from multi-channel campaigns to a single project – and pour that energy into everything we do.

3. Sell Deliberately

This is what our clients appreciate most. Quite frankly, we care far less about what peers think of our work than how it performs for our clients. You’ll never see a creative award anywhere in our office because we don’t enter contests. Our passion remains on helping our clients reach their goals.

4. Analyze Continuously

It all comes down to results. And it ties back to the original strategy. We analyze campaign and digital metrics, use various levels of assessments, and work with clients to measure effectiveness and return on investments.


We create high-quality marketing campaigns that spread like wildfire. We use our enthusiasm and expertise to give your brand the image it deserves in order to be successful.

Our services range from inbound marketing, all the way to award-winning website design and everything in between.

Inspired Global Marketing creates marketing campaigns that give users an engaging, innovative and insightful experience.

Brand Development

Create a brand that puts you miles ahead of your competitors. We know they’ll love that.

Website Design

You only get one chance to make a first impression. We’ll make sure it’s a good one.

Content Marketing

Customers like information that’s helpful. We like writing that information.


Businesses live and breathe search engines rankings. We’ll make sure you flourish.

Inbound Marketing

Don’t just make noise, be different. Become a brand that people want to do business with.

Email Marketing

We convert your contacts into customers by sending emails people actually want to read.


With the use of our advertising team, you can expect to see results as big as Times Square.

Not only do we service Upstate New York for media planning, but we are one of the few agencies that has the capacity to do national media planning as well.

At Inspired Global Marketing our advertising campaigns use insight and strategy to engage with and ultimately create partnerships with consumers.

Media Planning

Poor ad placement is like throwing money out the window. Stop wasting, spend wisely.


The people who say print advertising is dead just aren’t doing it right.


Lucky for you, we specialize in radio advertising. We’ll get your company heard.


Start with a great idea and make bold choices. Your customers are watching.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is one of the biggest benefactors of the full-service approach.

Outdoor Advertising

People spend most of their time outside the home, shouldn’t your advertising?

Public Relations

Want to take your marketing and advertising a step further? Add a dynamite public relations agency to the mix!

Inspired Global Marketing’s PR team gives our clients the attention they deserve through personalized guidance and campaigns designed around what you want.

Our team ensures that our clients flourish with exposure to local and national media coverage through a well-driven and impactful strategy.

Editorial Strategy

Your message matters. We’ll make sure yours is distinct.

Press Releases

One great press release is worth a thousand ads. Let us handle yours.

Public Relations Strategy

Credibility is key. We’ll design a plan to fit your needs.

Reputation Management

Bridge the gap between how you perceive yourself and how others perceive you.

Crisis Communications

The true test of effective PR comes when it hits the fan.

Message Development

If done right, messages can be a seriously influential tool.

Shouldn’t your marketing feel as authentic as you are?

Request a free growth consultation today and see how we can grow your business in a scalable, measurable way.