What’s more eye catching than a picture, but less complicated than a video? Ripl.

Video marketing may be on the rise, but some aren’t ready to jump on the band wagon just yet. If video seems like too big of a project or an expense you just can’t afford at the moment, but you want to create more compelling content than a static image, animated content is the route you want to take.

Ripl is a new animation app that you can download for free to create active and engaging  animations for your social media or other marketing efforts. The app is intuitive and walks you through each step so you become familiar with how it operates.

Animated content

Once you’ve finished with your animation it allows you to share directly to your social platforms. Plus. it analyzes the content of your animation and suggests hashtags that will get your animations shared and liked.

There is a free version and a Pro version which can be purchased for monthly or yearly subscriptions.  

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